Friday, October 02, 2009

MBSS time!

I also received my FSBE II MBSS plate carrier today. It's absolutely ridiculous how a person can love a piece of nylon that much haha.

But yeah I am so happy to finally get my hands on "the Holy Grail" of FSBE II collecting. I'll the pics do all the talking.

front and rear plate carrier

close up of the tag and stamp

front loaded

back light load

 clearer view of front

 large drooping hydration carrier haha, I might switch it with my AI MAP

overview of the FSBE II MBSS plate carrier

Kit list:

Allied Industries MBSS plate carrier
Allied Industries admin pouch
Allied Industries M4 mag shingle
Allied Industries MBITR pouch
Allied Industries flash bang pouch x2
Eagle Industries M4 mag pouch x2
Eagle Industries .45 FB mag pouch x2

note: everything is FSBE II issued

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