Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Coming weekend I will be receiving an FSBE 2 issued CIRAS. This system was on sale a few years ago from a French collector. It was sold to someone in Belgium and after a while it was sold on to someone in the Netherlands.

I was interested in buying it a few years ago and asked the Belgian ex-owner if he still had it. But unfortunately he said he had sold it.

Then a few years pass and this time I asked him who he sold it to. He did not remember unfortunately. So I posted a thread on a Belgian airsoft forum, on which the CIRAS was sold, asking who bought the CIRAS. Nothing more, nothing less. And almost straight away, I received a PM from a Dutch guy telling me he bought it a few years ago, and he asked me why I wanted to know.

I of course, made him an offer he could not refuse and so we will be doing a trade. A few of my items for his CIRAS.

Here are some of the pics he took for me.

Lovely old CB color


This will basically conclude my search for FSBE 2 armor, as I will have all the issued armor systems. The CIRAS, RRS-V and MBSS, all dated 2004 and 2005! I'm a happy guy!

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