Sunday, October 25, 2009


Pics of my recently acquired FSBE 2 issued RRS-V (Rhodesian Reconaissance Vest) made by Eagle Industries 2004.

Unfortunately no tags other than the old green tag. No idea as to what it means.

Buckle is dated 2004 and are National Molding buckles as opposed to ITW Nexus buckles which are used in the newer stuff.

Comparison between civilian 2007 version on the left and FSBE 2 issued 2004 versio on the right. Notice the color difference.

And loaded with ammo pouches, frag pouches, hydration carrier and admin pouch (all FSBE 2 issued).

Different config, but with MBSS back plate and MAP (all FSBE 2 issued).


Patrick said...

I have the same vest and was wondering why there was no tag other than the 'mysterious green one'. Is the quality the same as your updated version?

mil-freak said...

Yup the quality is just the same. They just forgot to stitch the tag in.