Friday, October 23, 2009

Allied Industries admin pouch w/LT

I never thought I could find one, let alone having one in my possession. I'm talking about the FSBE 2 issued Allied Industries admin pouch with lightholder. It's one of the more rare pouches and really hard to find, but I did get one after all. Again, it cost me an arm and a leg, but it was so worth it.

As you can see it even has the original operator's flightbadge on it (notice the Recon Jack symbol!). A US Marine did a background check for me and as it turns out, the owner is still in the USMC and still active in MSOB. I can't disclose his rank or MOS though or which Battalion he is in.

Surprisingly it also featured 2 lights inside. One is a mini Maglight and the other is a little red LED light. All that together makes this my favorite piece in the collection so far. It's not the rarest piece nor is it the most expensive piece, but the personal touches of the original owner/operator make it unique and therefore extra cool in my eyes.

And here is the NSN tag. It's an early edition from 2004 according to the contract date, so that makes it worth even more.

A final comparison between the other AI and EI admin pouches. From left to right we have: Allied Industries 2007, Allied Industries 2004 and Eagle Industries 2009.

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