Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Incoming stuff

Here are the 2 latest purchases I made on Ebay:

FSBE 2 med pouch, no tag, but I suspect it's an early edition judging from its color. No black zipper though. But it comes from a well known seller from whom I got my MBSS.

I will also have another FSBE 2 med pouch coming in from another source. This guy didn't contact me after I paid him. I filed a paypal dispute a few days ago after 17 days of no replies to my PMs. And today after having paid 25 days ago (and 2 days before the dispute gets judged) he finally contacts me and said he has sent it and will send me the trackingnumber ASAP.

I don't know whether to believe him or not. But one thing is for sure, I won't be closing the dispute until I get the pouch. But if I do get the pouch and paypal has decided in my favor and reimburse my money, I will send him the money. I hate scammers and I won't scam anyone myself.

The other purchase I made is an LBT-1476A also known as London Bridge Trading Direct Action Backpack. They were on sale for $80 on Ebay, usually they sell for $151 on LBT's website.

I couldn't choose the color and they were only available in LBT's Mouse Gray which is their version of Ranger Green aka Smoke Green.

Fortunately Ranger Green is one of my favorite colors apart from Coyote Brown.

So I was lucky they were selling this version.


I will be using this pack daily for work.  It's not too flashy and doesn't have any camouflage pattern on it, unlike the other backpacks I have. So this will suit my needs better.

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