Thursday, April 29, 2010

FSBE stuff

Some woodland items came in the mail today.

SDS leg panel
SDS M4 mag pouch x 2
SDS .45 FB mag pouch x 2
SDS flash bang pouch

And here's the end result...

Including first line kit...

Final kitlist:

  • Guarder replica AAV
  • SDS medical pouch x 1
  • SDS .45 FB mag pouch x2
  • SDS flash bang pouch x 1
  • SDS M4 mag pouch x 1
  • Allied Industries M4 mag pouch x 4

  • SDS sustainment pouch x 1
  • SDS 200rd SAW ammo pouch x 1
  • SDS SABRE pouch x 1
first line

  • Bianchi duty belt
  • Eagle Industries belt mounted pistol triple mag pouch
  • LBT lanyard (might be replica, will be replaced in the future)
  • SDS leg panel
  • SDS M4 mag pouch x 2
  • SDS frag grenade pouch x 2
  • SDS sustainment pouch
  • Safariland 6004 (old style)


Yannos said...

Hey Dude, you have some really nice stuff!
I've been following your Blog for a bit now and I love it.

I would need you to contact me for approbation to use your pics on a Group.
I do not know how to contact you. Please answer that comment on how I can contact you. Might as well buy some things if you ever sell some stuff :)


mil-freak said...

Hey Yannos,

Thanks for the nice comments and I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as I like sharing it.

You can contact me on my email address burigotchi(at)telenet(dot)be