Thursday, April 15, 2010

FSBE gear

For a few months now, I have been wanting to start an older FSBE loadout. And about 2 weeks ago I started buying the stuff.

It is much easier to collect, although some pouches are still reasonably hard to find or to get a hold of. But there are replacement pouches for them, as seen on reference pictures.

So far I have bought the following pouches.

SDS frag grenade pouch x 2
SDS medical pouch x 1
SDS M4 ammo pouch x1
Allied Industries M4 ammo pouch x 4

And I have the following incoming.

SDS sustainment pouch x 2
SDS 200rd SAW ammo pouch x 1
SDS SABRE pouch x 1
SDS M4 ammo pouch x 2
SDS .45 fb ammo pouch x 2
SDS flash bang pouch x 1
SDS leg panel x 1

Unfortunately the AAV that I bought is made by GUARDER. The real one is made by Point Blank and is rather difficult to find nowadays. I might get it if I ever see one for sale. But for now I am using the GUARDER replica, because I needed a platform for my pouches.

The replica is not bad, but does feel like a toy compared to the other vests I have.

For my first line, I have bought

Bianchi duty belt in black
Safariland 6004 for 1911 - old style in black
Eagle Industries belt mounted 1911 mag pouches in black
LBT sidearm lanyard in black

I will put the leg panel on it and one sustainment pouch as well.

It's not 100% correct, but rather look-alike version of the real thing.

Will post pics when stuff arrives!

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