Saturday, May 01, 2010

Flight gloves

These flight gloves were a real bargain. I think I got them for like 20 bucks including shipping from the US. And they're the real deal, not those ACM or Condor replicas. These are not CVC gloves, those gloves have black leather and not grey.

They will be primarily used for my FSBE loadout. Another option were those black Hatch gloves with the longer sleeve. But as the FSBE loadout was a low budget project, I didn't want to spend too much on the gloves either.

A picture of all my gloves together. Oakley SI Assault gloves, military flight gloves, Camelbak FROG gloves, Mechanix gloves, Hatch shorty gloves.


Fallen said...

Nice collection of gloves there.
I've got the Oakley SI and Hatch flight gloves and they are both brilliant and very comfortable.

mil-freak said...

Yeah, I agree excellent gloves.