Monday, November 16, 2009

Surefire G2

Just got this little light in. It's a G2 made by Surefire. It's nice, sturdy and well built. It came with 2 Surefire CR-123 batteries, 2 extra CR-123 batteries, a little nylon holster, a replacement LED bulb and a little LED keychain light.

The flashlight itself is very good and works well. The other bits that came with it are shit though. The LED bulb does not fit properly in the flashlight housing. I kind of got it to work, but it's still not how it should fit. It is extremely bright though with its 280 (!!!) lumen, whereas the standard bulb puts out 65 lumen.

The G2 fits in the holster well but the flap is too short to fit over the flashlight. But I have a CSM speedholster coming in, so it doesn't matter that much.

The LED keychain light is nice on the other hand, it's small, light and extremely bright. Definitely will put that to good use!

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