Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some more FSBE 2 stuff

I received a med pouch and some M4 mag pouches today. The med pouch had its tag REMOVED. There's a big difference between it not having a tag or having it removed. So I was not happy to find out that it has actually been removed. Furthermore the color indicates that this is not an early edition but a rather late edition, the tan little tag inside the pouch confirms this. I am not at all convinced that this is a military issued pouch. What I think is that this is a civilian pouch with its tag removed and passed off as mil issued just to sell. Not happy to find this out.

Also I won 4 early edition 2004 FSBE 2 issued M4 mag pouches on Ebay from a guy that I know and talk to on MSN. But as it turns out he sent me 2 of those early 2004 mag pouches and he sent another 2 late edition 2005 ones that didn't sell during one of his auctions. Maybe he made a mistake, I don't know. I have contacted him and asked for more information, as his auction clearly stated that it was for 4 (four) 2004 mag pouches and not for 2x 2004 and 2x 2005.

So today's not a good day at all. One of the most disappointing gear receiving days to be honest. I guess you can't win em all.

Edit: The guy has been in touch with me since then. I have sent back the two 2005 pouches and he will be shipping the two 2004 pouches to me.

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