Friday, November 13, 2009

PCU level 5

I have had my PCU level 5 set for a couple of years now. But recently I read that only black labels are the real ones. My jacket has the black soft nylon label and a little green NSN label. It's genuine for sure. But my pants/trousers have a regular green NSN label.

First I thought that I had wasted my money on a replica pair. But after talking to another collector, I have found out that they are indeed genuine and issued. It does set my mind at ease.

Stupid really, how a little piece of fabric can influence your whole mindset!

On a sidenote, I have shipped out my two 2005 M4 mag pouches to France. The guy I bought them from, shipped out two 2004 and two 2005 mag pouches to me, instead of four 2004 ones. So I will be getting the two others soon.

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