Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping spree

I've been Ebaying again. Bought myself a few pouches, some of the newer 2009 dated stuff and some 2007 and some 2005 stuff.

I won't say what, you will see when I get it.

Today I did get a smoke grenade pouch in. Never had one of these before, so I snagged it when I saw it for sale. And the shittiest part was that I was gonna bid on a 2005 one too, but I forgot about it while playing World of Warcraft and missed the auction. The 2005 pouch went for US $20.50. The 2007 one cost me US $30 lol!!!

Anyway here are some pics of the said item.



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Anonymous said...

Always told you had to throw WoW in the bin ! Hehe =)