Monday, February 22, 2010


Got some new stuff in today.


I already had a fanny pack from CSM, which I bought a few months ago. But when I saw this issued one, I couldn't let it slip away. Unfortunately I didn't bid on the 2005 one which was for sale a month ago, due to cash flow. But I grabbed this 2009 one, making it the first 2009 issued item I own.

The MBITR and HABD pouch are both 2007 issued. I already have a 2004 one, but it's on my MBSS plate carrier. So I put the 2007 on my CIRAS. The "SEA Pocket" also went on my MBSS plate carrier. I might take some updated pics of both the CIRAS and MBSS when I'm less lazy.


Anonymous said...

So jealous about that HABD Pouch ! Should have gotten one too ... I regret it now =(


mil-freak said...

This won't be the last one on Ebay, hopefully there will be earlier ones that I can grab too. And then I might sell this 2007 one.