Sunday, February 07, 2010

All quiet on the gear buying front.

I haven't posted for a while for the simple reason that I have not bought anything new lately.

Earlier today, I was seriously tempted to buy some Ranger Green stuff, but I decided against it. Eventhough I really want to put together a Ranger loadout, I want to spend less on gear. But the color is just so damn sexy, especially combined with a set of Crye Precision multicam uniform. I also read on some forum that US SOCOM Marines are fielding the Crye Precision uniforms now. I better stop talking about it, or I can't stop myself again.

On the FSBE II front, I won an auction for a 2005 M60 mag pouch. I already own a 2007 one, but I wanted a green tag one. I might trade the 2007 one for a 2004 one, if the other guy wants to do the deal. If not, I might just keep it or sell it.

There's also a tan M3X long gun for sale on Ebay at the moment. I wonder why there aren't any more units for sale, as they are readily available in stores. More people should put them up for sale, I would definitely buy one if the price isn't too high. It's not the correct light, but it looks exactly like it, apart from the "label".

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