Monday, December 14, 2009

Unexpected but welcome surprise!

A few months ago I bought an 2005 issued FSBE 2 med pouch. The Polish seller never sent the pouch however and all communication ceased after I paid him. I had been trying to contact him ever since but I gave up a long time ago, thinking I should just cut my losses and call it a day.

So I went to the post office, expecting it to be an airsoft shotgun, which I bought from a Polish website. How much of a surprise was it, when it turned out to be a little package. Immediately I knew that it was the med pouch that he finally did send.

I just wish that he sent it when I paid for it, I have bought another 2 med pouches in the meanwhile. But I'm still glad I got it, since it's a 2005 issued one with green tag!

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