Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of 2009 post

I've been quite lazy lately to update the blog recently. These last few weeks I have been getting the last couple of pieces of 2009.

All in all it has been a very, very good year for my collection. Not only have I found most of the FSBE II pouches that I had been looking for, I have also acquired the 3 issued vests/body armors. All this doesn't come cheap though, but fortunately I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't speed in my car. Like one guy at work said, some people just have strange hobbies. They like drinking, smoking, driving fast.

I like hunting and acquiring gear haha. It's a nerdy thing to do, but I love it.

So here are the last couple of items of 2009.

A Nexus U-94 U/A PTT (push to talk button) wired for Kenwood 2 pin radios from talkingheadsets.co.uk. Unfortunately they have forgotten to include the gel ear cups which I paid for and they haven't been replying to my mails. Sucks, I hope they get back to me after New Year.

An Allied Industries holster adapter. This thing basically just allows you to use a Safariland 6004 holster on your MOLLE belt properly. Pretty hard to find. I've only ever seen 3 for sale, including mine.


black D-ring and black buckle dated 03.

A Safariland 6004 holster for Colt 1911 models. I already had the black version, but the tan one is more appropriate. It's not that big of a deal I know, but it was bugging me to no end haha.

 And here's the finished FSBE II first line.

  • Eagle Industries war belt
  • Eagle Industries suspenders
  • Eagle Industries 2006 FSBE II .45 FB mag pouches x2
  • Eagle industries 2005 FSBE II M4 mag pouches x2
  • Eagle Industries 2005 FSBE II weapon catch
  • CSM dump pouch
  • CSM light holster
  • Allied Industries 2005 FSBE II leg panel
  • Allied Industries 2004/5 FSBE II holster adapter
  • Gemtech TRL lanyard
  • Safariland 6004 tan holster for Colt 1911 models

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