Monday, December 07, 2009

U-94 A/U PTT

Last month I purchased a set of MICH Ranger Communication System made by MSA Sordin. Being a mil-spec headset, it didn't work with my civilian radio. Therefore I had to order a special PTT (Push To Talk) button with a built in amp circuit to make it work. I ordered one from I have been in contact with Keith Foote, the manager of the shop and he assured me that it would work. So I went ahead and ordered one today.

Since I bought the headset secondhand, I also ordered a set of gel ear seals. It would be more hygienic to switch them out.

The seals have a gel substance, which does not leak when punctured, in them, providing greater comfort and a better seal when wearing them with glasses. They're quite cheap but they make a world of difference.

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