Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just received my latest piece of gear. It's nothing spectacular, just a flash hood made by Koman Inc. a DoD contractor. I thought this might be suitable for my FSBE loadout.

I already bought another hood before from another FSBE II collector. He used it for his contemporary FR look. The hood is made by Fire Brigade Mfg. It's a nice piece of kit, but it's a heavy hood, made with thick material. I must say that the Koman hood is much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

The following hood is a CVC hood or a Combat Vehicle Crewman hood. This hood is even thicker than the Fire Brigade one and is too small for me unfortunately. I bought this to replicate the look of the Fire Brigade one. But as it turned out, it wasn't only too small, but it didn't look anything like it. So I kept it for the "collection", as they're not even worth selling.

Then the Marines started getting their FROG (Fire Resistant Organizational Gear) gear. So I bought a first gen FROG hood.

And also a 2nd gen FROG hood with mesh top for extra comfort when wearing a helmet.

Last is my Under Armour Heat Gear hood. Unlike the other ones, this one doesn't offer any flash protection. It's more for looks than anything else. I bought this one first, just to match up with the CB color of the FSBE II gear.

I do have some more hoods, but they're the nameless airsoft type of deal, not worth posting.

Family picture for color comparison!

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