Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from mil-freak!

I wish all you guys good luck on your gear hunting and may you win all your ebay auctions! haha.

As for myself, I am running out of FSBE II stuff to buy. On top of my list of things to get are an MSA MICH 2000 helmet and a NOROTOS 3 hole Night Vision Gear shroud.

The past couple of days I have been looking on Ebay for an XL sized MICH, yes my noggin' is huge lol. I could wear an L, but with my MRCS it's kind of a tight fit. Size XL would definitely do the job.

The hardest thing to source, would be the NOROTOS 3 hole shroud, as they are restricted by ITAR, meaning that the US shops and sellers are forbidden to export these. Basically us European collectors are screwed, unless we find someone willing to ship these internationally. But the same goes for a lot of other items and truth be told, you can get your hands on them if you look really hard.

Anyway I'm gonna cut it short, I hope I can post a lot more of my acquisitions this year.

Please support the troops who fight the war on terror and have a happy and safe 2010!

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